Yada Sisterhood is a ministry for all women who desire to increase their faith and deepen their relationship with God. We meet 6:30 pm every third Thursday of each month (excluding June, July, December) at Northside United Methodist Church in Hope Hall.

Yada events are free and open to all women. It is not about denomination, background, race, or color. It's about God and it's about women. As "sisters" in Christ, we are committed to linking arms and spurring each other on in our walk with Him through this unique and divinely-given ministry.
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Every Yada Sisterhood gathering is free and open to all women. Any woman who is ready to laugh, cry, eat, and receive the Word of God is invited to our monthly events. We have on average about 300 women at each gathering. If you have 6 or more women coming to a Yada event, fill out our form or call and let us reserve a table for you.
Yada is a volunteer-driven women's ministry. We have many areas to serve in and opportunities for all women to volunteer, according to her gifts and talents. Yada volunteers rotate every month and there are many service areas. If you are interested in assisting with an event or volunteering, click the learn more to fill out our form.
Our goal is to reach out and meet the unique needs of women; to provide nourishment to the body, mind, soul, and spirit; to create a "sisterhood," a place to belong. Yada provides a place for women to be needed, to serve or to be served; it's a place to fellowship, to encourage one another, to share Godly wisdom and spiritual truths.
Women are known for taking care of others while letting personal needs fall by wayside. In our prayer lives, many of us neglect praying for our own needs too. Yada Sisterhood has a prayer team that will pray with you after any Yada. Learn more about our prayer warriors and how to submit a prayer request, click learn more.

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