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Can I bring my older children to Yada?

Yada is a ministry FOR WOMEN. We love children and provide a free nursery for 10 years old and under, but YADA is a "Ladies' Night Out" and it's for women 18+ and older. We thank you for respecting the age boundaries.

Who is the Yada Prayer Ministry for? I've heard it mentioned several times at the Yada meetings.

It's for YOU! While we know that all of us have many people on our prayer lists - the prayer team was set up specifically for prayer request about YOU. You can request prayer for yourself by filling out a prayer card on your table at a Yada night or send a request here anytime.

Is it required that you bring a dish to Yada?

Required - NO. Helpful - YES! Our motto is Bring a Dish, Bring a Friend. Our meal is provided by our attendees bringing a dish to share with others. We serve one of the largest buffets around and it's delicious. If however, you are in a situation and unable to bring a dish, we understand. We still want you to come. But for those who can…. please bring a dish (throwaway containers are acceptable).

Do you HAVE to have a reservation to attend Yada? It seems like most people have reserved tables.

NO, absolutely not. However, over time many women have gathered groups of friends to come with them. Sometimes it's hard to walk in and find seats for 6 or 8 together, so we allow groups of 6 or more to reserve tables for Yada events. We also always keep unreserved tables for women who do not come in groups. We have a team of "helpers" at the doors to assist everyone in finding a place to sit.

Does it cost to come to Yada?

No, it does not. However, we do take donations. Yada is free to every woman who walks through the doors, but it costs quite a bit to put on the events. There is no paid staff. Yada is comes together with many, many hours of hard work from volunteers. You can donate online here.

How can I become a volunteer? Do I have volunteer for every event?

We would love to have you as a volunteer! You can volunteer in any of our work areas and you can volunteer for one month or for them all. We appreciate any assistance that we get from our sistahs! Learn more about volunteering here.

I noticed every event has a Theme Color. Do I have to wear it to attend?

Not at all. The themes are just a fun thing we do at Yada. We found many women love to plan their attires for the night out and make it fun for each event. Please do not let this be a barrier to attending. We just want your there! 

Do you accept door prizes from local businesses?

We do accept donated door prizes, as long as, they don't have a business logo on the products itself.